Streetbeat: Invention

What would you invent to make the world a better place?

“A renovation center in my house for homeless people. I would also want to help homeless dogs, so I’d pair a dog with a homeless person.”
-Tessa Sanoni, 19, Nursing

“I’d invent a system for people to love themselves and be able to access a level of consciousness where they can give value to others and not hurt each other.”
-Jordan Rice, 21, Computer Science

“Something to demilitarize every nation. No weapons.”
-Michael Roth Hammer, 19, Nursing

“A machine that could capture all the awareness that everyone holds about anything. Have it supercharged and power up, then bomb the world with the knowledge, so that everyone would have common sense.”
-Tatiana Lexie, 21, Anthropology

Photos by Natalie Miranda