Grading in the modern age

Grading in the modern age

Five years ago, emailing assignments to a professor during class was not entirely out of the ordinary. Printing was a necessary action for an assignment not to be marked late.

With technological advancements, Open Educational Resources (OER) have become the new way of learning.

OER interfaces like Canvas can help students prevent any inconvenience when we are in the process of learning either by taking a class online, hybrid or in person.

Canvas brings various elements that benefit students such as video lectures, notes, quizzes, fast grading and submitting assignments online.

This system has noticeably increased in demand around schools making it one of the most significant educational learning systems on the Web. Canvas is transforming student learning outcomes, which now accounts for 21 percent of institutions and 27 percent of enrollment, according to Forbes.

According to review, Canvas is an excellent tool for student learning with its many features that assist not only students but professors in their grading process.

The Learning Management System (LMS) is beneficial because it saves time for students and prevents hassles of having to print homework and having to miss any critical due dates or lectures.

Students that are used to traditional learning but struggle with deadlines, prints, or purchasing textbooks, have more chances of benefiting with having Canvas in every class.

As convenient as it sounds, students have the opportunity to access several learning resources which are in the reach of one click without having to spend money on books or other unnecessary printed materials.

Besides, Open Educational Resources (OER) give the student free access to online materials and can be reused later on when needed which helps professors to customize their course materials too.

Students delay their education because of the expensive cost of books and other class materials and this should not be a reason to detain their education success.

Students also have the chance to work ahead in their assignments by having the modules displayed on Canvas which gives the student a choice to complete their work before or on time.

Some students work full or part-time and might not have the time to attend campus; therefore, working ahead in their assignments and having convenient deadlines suits them better.

Also, Canvas saves students the anxiety of having to wait for their grades which in times are posted days after they have taken their tests and is similar for quizzes that are graded immediately and even give the student the chance to retake them twice.

Even though there are students that have no access to computers or the internet, their schools have multiple resources to assist the student’s learning success by providing computers and wifi around campus.

Nevertheless, whether students are attending campus or not for class, Canvas is reasonably useful and convenient for students that are looking to save time, money, and headaches when all they want is to learn and get a passing grade.