Opinion: Twitter vs Instagram

Opinion: Twitter vs Instagram

For: Twitter – Be Heard

By: Marc Blais

Social media has consumed society.

It has allowed for people and businesses to grow and promote new platforms, connect with customers, clients and friends, and express different ideas and opinions.

According to BroadbandSearch, the average daily time that people spend on social media in 2019 is 153 minutes.

If people are spending that much time online, why not spend it using the best site, Twitter?

Twitter is the best platform because, like every other social media site, it helps promote a brand, connect people with each other and allows one to express themselves.

It also helps people stay more in tune with the news and what is happening in the world.

On Twitter, users have the option to explore different trending topics and breaking stories. For example, by searching for Twitter-Trends-Philippines, Twitter users can find an overview of the latest hot topics in the Philippines. When users click the “search” icon, they have the option to click on different tabs such as “News,” “Sports,” “Fun,” “Entertainment” or “For you.”

This allows a fast and convenient way for people to stay up to date on current issues that are happening now.

Another reason that Twitter is the best social media site is because users can see what people are posting around the world.

On Instagram, one needs to be following somebody to see what they are posting.

While on Twitter, one can go to a trending topic or under a tweet and see what thousands of different people are saying about it.

People get to see a variety of perspectives on issues than they would get to see using different social media sites.

According to an article, “Why Twitter is the Ideal Platform for Engagement” by Gina Mueller, Twitter allows for people to engage with a diverse audience.

“Twitter is the bar scene, where people let loose and talk to strangers, drop one-liners and engage with personalities from all walks of life,” Mueller said. “Twitter not only attracts a unique audience, but it makes your desired audience easy to pinpoint.”

Twitter is also the place where people could express their opinion and provide feedback about a public figure such as a celebrity or business.

People have tweeted at a restaurant’s account about poor service or another issue, and they’re able to get a response or a problem fixed with a tweet.

Twitter allows for the average person to be heard.

It’s also a great place to find love.

People using the app have shared stories about how they tweeted out about needing a date to an event and someone, who they had never met before, responded. That response eventually lead them to be in a relationship that blossomed into a marriage.

Simply by using Twitter, some users have found their soul mates.

Unlike some social media sites, such as Instagram, that only allows users to post photos and videos, Twitter allows users to post both, take polls and express their ideas in writing.

Twitter is a platform that isn’t limited to appearances, but allows for users to engage on the site in a multitude of ways.

There is only one social media site where users can express themselves, find breaking news, explore a diverse audience, or possibly fall in love, and that site is Twitter.


For: Instagram – Be Seen

By: Joey Farriola

The internet is something that people use daily.

Whether it’s on streaming services such as YouTube or Netflix, dating apps like Tinder or on a social media site such as Twitter, almost anyone can be found online.

From the many options to pick from, an Instagram profile often is the one most people choose to have.

According to oberlo.com, 1 billion people use the app monthly with an average usage time of 53 minutes per day.

While Instagram is a platform that is intended to share photos and videos, users can do so much more.

With the stories features, someone can engage with their followers by using fun effects and filters, sharing music or links with the swipe up feature, creating Q&A’s and polls for people to respond or react to or simply capturing a night out in the town.

Much like Snapchat, a story allows users to share photos or videos without the permanence of posting it on their profile. Users do of course have the option to make their content private, however, there are ways around this for people who know how to view private instagram accounts and see what’s on it.

In addition, with the close friends list, people can share their stories with a select few rather than all of their following.

Unlike Twitter, Instagram is meant to connect with friends and family.

Twitter tends to rely on the popularity factor. People are looking at how many followers they have, who is or isn’t verified and whether their tweets will go viral.

A tweet’s purpose is either to gain followers, get favorited and or retweeted. While Twitter allows profiles to be private, tweeting can then be similar to talking to an empty room.

While Instagram could be used for the same intentions, many users simply use the app to share selfies or photos of places they’ve been.

When someone follows another person on Instagram, it’s because they’ve seen what kinds of pictures they post and want to see more of them.

A user’s creativity is endless because Instagram can be used by the tech savvy or the average person.

A lot of thought and effort can be put into a photo someone posts.

Someone can choose to take their photo with a professional camera or smartphone. The photo can then be edited using external software such as Lightroom or Photoshop or be done in the app with the editing tools.

Some people even go the extra step of using different color filters to create a coherent theme for their profile.

Not only can Instagram be used for the individual, it could also be used as a business network.

Photographers can use their profile as a way to showcase their work as a portfolio. Rather than creating a separate site, that often cost money for a domain, they can simply send a link of their profile for their clients to have a quick look.

With Instagram’s business account features, owners have access to their analytics called “Insights.”

Now business owners can look at what kinds of people they are attracting to their account and what times they are the most active. This allows them to find the time range on when their photos attract the most engagement.

While each app has its different purposes and uses, Instagram is the go-to choice for people who want to share their life or business through pictures.