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Preview: The Bull Magazine Fall 2020

A person suffering from anxiety finds comfort in picturing her worries going down the drain.

A community leader grows up queer in a religious family.

A student struggles to adjust to social distancing and online classes.

These are only a few of the stories that will be featured in The Bull Magazine this semester.

The pandemic, along with all the uncertainty and fear that comes with it, has affected more than just the physical body.

That’s why the theme for The Bull this semester is mental health.

People can lead a more balanced life by keeping track of and caring for their state of mind. Mental health is often regarded as taboo to discuss, and people with mental health issues can be stigmatized. 

The Bull staff is seeking to normalize conversations about mental health in a 36-page, glossy spread. From sleep deprivation to dance therapy, the stories will cover the ways people take care of themselves.

Usually, students would be able to pick up a copy of the magazine in the newsstands throughout campus. A small batch will be printed and available upon request.

For now, look for the stories on The Bull website, and the full digital issue will be available on Issuu.com in December. 

This semester’s reviews on local restaurants and services and mini profiles on faculty and staff are also on The Bull website.

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