Chairing is caring

Chairing is caring

Studying or reading under the trees at Rocky Young Park can be quite relaxing for students. The shade makes this an ideal hang out spot on campus. 

But the park does not offer many seating options. While there are a few small tables and chairs near the cafeteria, many students find themselves sitting on the grass.

Pierce College should set up more chairs at Rocky Young Park.

Additional seating would allow students to wait comfortably for their classes. This would benefit those who have classes in the Center for Sciences and wait nearby for them to start. 

Interim President Ara Aguiar said there are plans to add solar paneled shades and chairs to campus and the park would be a great place to start. 

Harvard University has placed several chairs at Harvard Yard, a small grassy park on campus. These metal chairs are bright, neon and perfect for students to complete work or finish their cup of coffee. 

Having more seating options in the park is also beneficial during the pandemic. With more outdoor chairs, there may be fewer students who want to sit and socialize together indoors. Outdoor chairs at the park would give students the opportunity to socially distance in an environment with open-air circulation. 

The University of Alabama placed Adirondack chairs, along with fire pits, on their campus’ lawns and quads during the pandemic for students to socialize outdoors. 

It’s an easy way for Pierce to help out their students, while also adding some color and comfort to campus.


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