Free menstrual products, period.

Free menstrual products, period.

During campus hours, women don’t have time to run to the convenience store or ask around campus to grab menstrual products.

Pierce doesn’t offer free menstrual products in any of the restrooms available, which is a cause of concern. 

According to the article on, women pay more for personal products and services, including razors, shampoo, haircuts and clothes. 

Women’s products cost 7% more than similar products for men, and they pay more than men for comparable personal care products 56% of the time, according to the study conducted by New York City Department of Consumer Affairs.

If Pierce provided free menstrual products in women’s restrooms, it could save women having to find another way to manage their issue and would be easier financially. 

According to the online article by, nearly half the women said there were times in the past year when they could not afford to buy food and period products.

More than half the states still tax menstrual products as a “luxury” item. 

It is not a luxury. It’s a need. It affects a woman’s sense of self, dignity and her ability to participate in daily life. 

Women should not have to deal with menstrual product taxes.

Providing free menstrual products at school would help ease the anxiety for women and would demonstrate that menstrual equity is a matter of human rights.

According to the online article by, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law in California last month that will require free menstrual products be provided starting next fall for middle school, high school and college students.

Although that is a step up, we should take action immediately and not have to wait another year. 

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