Heritage workshops

Heritage workshops

Although several months of the year are dedicated to recognizing minority communities, many individuals do not know how to be an ally or offer support to these groups.

During heritage months, Pierce could host several workshops and events to help attendees be better allies and to teach them about the struggles minorities face.

These workshops could easily be held on Zoom or in person. Each event could be dedicated to a certain topic, such as mental health, education and racism.

Such events and workshops could be free and hosted by Umoja or the Associated Student Organization.

During Black History Month, the University of California Irvine held several campus events. Experts were invited to speak about their experiences as Black individuals. Other events were dedicated to specific topics and included open discussions. Pierce could cover topics like language barriers, microaggressions, police engagement with people of color and immigration.

California State University Long Beach also hosted events throughout Black History Month, including “table talk” Zoom sessions where attendees had conversations about race and issues that affected their community. Other virtual events included trivia sessions about the history of racial issues.

To ensure these workshops are engaging, Pierce also could include quick trivia questions at the end of each workshop and give small prizes such as gift cards or candy. The workshops could dedicate some time for questions and answers. To conclude each workshop, Pierce could share a list of resources, local events and protests, websites or readings that individuals could use to become a better ally.

By hosting such events, Pierce can strengthen its relationship with minority communities and offer them a supportive environment.

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