Con: School is hard enough

Con: School is hard enough

Photo illustration by Brandon Sinclair.

Having a job is important, especially if you plan to have a roof over your head and food in your belly and pantry.

A common situation for teenagers and college students is working summer jobs while in school.

On pen and paper, it may sound like a great idea. Once finals are over and graduation ceremonies are done, students may feel bored being at home.

But, if you really think about it, having a summer job is not that easy.

A blog written by Tim Brunicardi at Hocking College explains one of the cons that is listed in getting a summer job, “It will cut into your social life and cause you to spend less time with your family and friends.”.

Now, this is true for any job. But, considering that in the summer there are certain holidays such as Fourth of July and Labor Day, your days of freedom are pretty much limited. Because all you would be doing is working while also taking care of summer coursework.

Another con of having a summer job is how mentally and physically draining it could be.

An article written by Phoebe Venable for The Tennessean on May 17, 2014, explains that someone with a summer job can be sleep-deprived and this is a big problem. If you’re a teenager, it’s even worse because teenagers tend to crave more sleep and need to rest more.

So, if a college student is working a part-time shift at Starbucks and doing full-time schoolwork over the summer at a community college, it will prove to be very daunting and that student’s summer could be ruined due to the amount of stress they are under.

Less time with family and friends or how mentally and physically exhausted someone would be isn’t the only problem that comes with summer jobs.

The moment you get a job, it can cause even bigger problems such as being exposed to certain substances. 

According to an article written by Mat Woods for on Jan. 25, 2022, if you work in a field where a kitchen is involved and you have a lot of spending money, you could turn to spending that money on drinking and drugs just to deal with the stress of work.

Eventually, that spending would turn into an addiction, where you spend your paycheck on a bottle of Kettel One vodka or a bottle of heroin because you just can’t do it anymore. You can’t handle the pressure of work and dealing with schoolwork and sports and hobbies.

Do you really want to screw up your life even more by doing a summer job?

Before you put your pen on that job application, stop and really think about whether or not it’s worth screwing your youth for a couple of bucks. 

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