Let’s root, root, root for the Brahmas!

Let’s root, root, root for the Brahmas!

Going to a sports game with friends and family can be fun, but the hardest part is coming up with a way to pay for tickets.

The average cost of a ticket to a Los Angeles Kings game is $150, provided that you’re not a season ticket holder. 

Some of our professional sports teams, including the Los Angeles Kings and the Dodgers, hold special promotions for students at schools, such as University of Southern California (USC) and California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) to attend their home games at a fraction of the cost. 

For example, if you were to go to the Major League Baseball (MLB) website to purchase tickets for USC Night on May 13, ticket prices range from $35-$64 per person for the infield top deck behind first base, but prices will go up depending on where you sit in the stadium.

If three people go to a Dodgers game on USC Night that would cost about $192 which would save more than $70.

The Los Angeles Angels are also affiliated with California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), and they hosted CSUF Night on April 23 versus the Baltimore Orioles.

Unfortunately, Pierce College is not affiliated with any professional sports teams, unlike Cerritos College, which is affiliated with the Anaheim Ducks. 

They are hosting Cerritos College Ducks Night on Nov. 7 versus the Calgary Flames. Tickets are $18 each and are located in a Cerritos College section at Honda Center.

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