Brahmas defeated in straight sets

Brahmas defeated in straight sets

Brahmas Men’s volleyball drops home game against the Santa Barbara Vaqueros in straight sets.

Head Coach Joseph Arechiga said he was not proud of this performance as he feels like the team didn’t look to come together at any point tonight. 

“No one ever likes to lose, but this is a loss that I feel like we took a step back on, but hopefully it’s a step back ready to propel us forward,” Arechiga said. 

In the first set, the Vaqueros began firm as the servers hit and scored 25 points, while the Brahmas scored only 7. 

 As the second set commenced, the Brahmas team gained momentum and raised their previous score by 13 points. However, it faltered as the Vaqueros still scored high with 25 points. 

Later, the third set began, and both teams switched to their previous designation. The fans cheered and applauded their home players every time the Brahmas scored points. 

During the third set, the Brahmas tried their best to score higher points and topped the previous scores with 14. But it wasn’t enough and the Santa Barbara Vaqueros achieved victory. 

Arechiga said he was not impressed with the game. 

“It was not our best game by far,” said Arechiga. “I feel like our first two matches of the year, even though there were losses, I was, like, proud of the losses.”

Opposite hitter Josh Barina, gave his thoughts on his team’s performance in tonight’s game.

“All of us were just in our heads, and we were all playing as individuals,” said Barina. “I feel like we gave up on the game a little too quickly, but knowing our team, we’re definitely going to bounce back from this 100% moving forward.”

Outside hitter Anthony Baker said it was a bad game and the team needs to get back into the lab.

“The game was not good. Obviously, for SPCC, it was a good game,” said Baker. “It just showed that we needed a lot more to work on moving forward.” 

The Brahmas next go on the road to face the Santa Monica Corsairs on Mar. 15. First serve is at 6 p.m.