Vote Yes on prop 92

Feb. 5 is a monumental day for community college students to make a significant difference in the voting booths. Proposition 92 directly impacts the amount you spend on education by lowering the unit price from $20 to $15. Potentially, $70 million in fee revenue would be lost to the state, but K-14 will earn $300 million annually.

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Adulthood part 1

Most of us were probably counting the minutes as they slowly ticked by on the long and ever-so-slow march toward turning 18.

Hitting 18 struck a victory bell that rang loudly and clearly – you know, that kind of ring that renders nearby witnesses into a state of shock because it is just that epic.

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Quick! Help! Someone get us the Geek Squad!

Somebody call the Geek Squad. Pierce College is far from the forefront of technology. It’s like the little red schoolhouse that tried but just couldn’t. There are countless problems when it comes to using any high technology on this campus. In the past two months, several dramatic and important technological changes have occurred on campus and the Information Technology (IT) department has failed to meet the needs of these changes, causing big problems.

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