Reality TV – A sick portrayal

What happened to Tila Tequila’s first soul mate from season one of “A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila?” What about that of Bret Michaels from “Rock of Love?” And the unlucky bloke from “I Love New York?”

The sick portrayal of romance idolized by hundreds of thousands of teenagers is a twisted reflection of America’s values, which seem to be founded on an “entertainment first, integrity second” basis.

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History bleeds on canvas

If the message didn’t come across any clearer, I might as well be blind. Art is an amazing thing. It can capture millions of words on a single paper, canvas or poster. “The Armenian Genocide: Power of the Poster” exhibit at the Pierce College Art Gallery was, in fact, very powerful.

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Gas prices are RIDIC!

Gasoline costing $4 per gallon is enough of an expenditure to make any form of public transportation seem more appealing than spending 20 bucks on a round-trip excursion downtown. 

With gas prices rising not only to record-breaking rates, but also at high speed, one may begin to wonder how much more consumers will take before finding other means to get around.

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Vampire Weekend: take a Bite

Vampire Weekend’s self-titled debut album was released three months ago, but thanks to a lot of attention from the online blogging scene, the album is still going strong. Consisting of Ezra Koenig, Rostam Batmanglij, Chris Tomson and Chris Baio (who is actually actor Scott Baio’s nephew), Vampire Weekend has managed to put together an album that is very inviting to any music listener, young or old.

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Every weekday morning, the Pierce College library is the last in the district to open its doors. Six of the nine college libraries even operate on Saturday. Can’t Pierce open the library an hour earlier? Students are waiting for earlier opening. The main reason for not being able to extend hours is a lack of additional funding and less staff, according to Florence Robin, library department chair.

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Things you learned from TV

Don’t always believe what you see on television. I’ve heard it, and said it, for years. But recently, something happened that made me reconsider whether I’ve actually adhered to this tidbit of advice. On Thursday morning, I woke up, rolled over, opened my eyes and looked straight down the barrel of a gun.

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