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Monday, November 23, 2020
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Textbook buy back program a must

We use them in class. We use them at home. We use them to cram before a midterm. Occasionally, we use them to hold...

Student Store on lookout for thieves

    Students waited through three lines at the Pierce College Student Store on Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2012 as employees took measures to prevent theft during...

Bookstore Manager failed to appear in court today

The Pierce College Bookstore manager failed to appear in court today. Kim Saunders, the Bookstore manager who was arrested on suspicion of embezzlement earlier this...

Textbooks inflate emotions on campus

Many Pierce College students rush to the campus bookstore to find used books for affordable prices, only to find that the books they are searching for are much more expensive than they may have anticipated. Despite grants and financial aid being available, some students do not have that luxury.

Latest news

Free rapid testing site on campus

After nearly a year since the first known case of COVID-19, testing still is not easy for everyone to access for free.  Even though Los...

Jackie Lacey gone

Black Lives Matter Los Angeles organized weekly protests to show support and stand with the families of those killed by police. One rally cry from...

Former journalism professor dies

“See me after class,” the words no student ever wants to hear, ended up changing the course of one student’s life. Professor Robert “Bob” Scheibel...

Allies against racism

After weeks of discussions, amendments and delays, the Academic Senate decisively approved the Resolution Against Systemic Racism with only one opposing vote. During the public...
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