Thursday, March 21, 2019

One sport to rule them all

We have all been witnesses to the level of interest given to certain sport programs over others. It is true that the most popular...

Choose your fate; debate

People hear sound bites or see quotes online showing what presidential candidates have said during a political event. For example, in February, 2016,...

Where’s your school spirit?

Times are tough, and during these tough times there is one place where we can all come together, school. However, the truth of the...

Budget Editorial

As students, our failure to act in unity has cost us greatly in terms of community college funding. California community colleges may lose up to $525 million, according to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's proposed 2008-09 state budget. Community college enrollment is rising, especially at Pierce College, yet the amount of money we receive from the state is plummeting.

A game of cat and mouse

Since Pierce College underwent construction on the back road near the faculty offices, the campus has had a rat problem that is affecting the...

Don’t settle for others’ decisions this election day

1919: Women, too long forgotten, face alienation and oppression just to say, "I too, count." 1944: "The White Primary" laws, excluding Blacks from voting, are declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. 1965: People from all walks of life demand equality allowing everyone to have their say.

Curriculum in need of a makeover

The beauty industry is continuously growing in popularity. Careers in cosmetology are high in demand and are considered to be everlasting. Pierce should open a...

Support rape prevention, response

"In 2000, the Sexual Victimization of College Women survey estimated that a college with 10,000 students could expect more than 350 rapes per year to occur on that campus." This alarming statistic did not come from our research, but rather from the Pierce College Web site, where it informs students about sexual violence and their options should an attack occur.

Where’s the community at Pierce?

Pierce College needs to establish friendly community to unite its students and staff. That might have helped make the 2006 homecoming more successful than it was. "Getting more students to support our college athlete department is something worthwhile," Robert Garber, Pierce College president, commented on 2006 homecoming.