Avoiding the ‘easy left,’ she takes the hard right

When Bea Ramos was seven years old she picked up her first volleyball in her hometown of Davao in the Philippines and fell in love with the game. What she didn’t know was that 12 years later she would be playing as a defensive specialist for the Pierce College Brahmas and would place second in Western State Conference Championship, the highest finish in Pierce’s history of women’s volleyball.

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SWAM keeps pool in year-round use

Few students know that Pierce has a short-course meter swimming pool where adults of all ages who love to swim gather for a splash of fun. Everyday you can find the Southwest Aquatic Masters swim team practicing in rain or shine with coach, Fred Shaw, a three-time NCAA Division I Championship Team member for USC, with 20 years experience in Masters Swimming.

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’80s style trends returns to legs

Fashion trends always come back… just as fast of they go out! And as of January 2007, leggings are back: big and bold, making a statement with classic black to an array of color and pattern selections. In the years of the 80s, when leg warmers, lingerie as outerwear, Jordache Jeans, jelly shoes, teased hair and vans were in, it seems like some of these things are making a comeback.

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