GSA aims for outside support to fundraise

With numerous clubs spanning in variety during Club Rush, one of the most looked-at booths was of the Gay Straight Alliance club.

For this semester, the GSA is looking to promote safe sex and bring all people together in one setting.

“We want to be able to raise awareness, and unite both worlds of gay and straight,” said former club member Kevin Roberts, who was visiting in support for the club.

The GSA club meets Wednesdays in Business Building 3204 from 3 to 4 p.m.

First time president and political science major Karina Perez says that the club is actively working with The Village, a center for Transition Age Youth out of North Hollywood.

“They provide family services along with peer and support groups,” Perez said.

The GSA club is collecting donations, where a percentage of the proceeds will go to The Village and another of the percentage is being saved for the club’s big event.

“In previous years we haven’t done too much,” said club member Edward Murillo.

The club is looking to have a prom where all people can attend; however, the new fundraising guidelines of earlier deadlines for submitting event requests are becoming a problem for them.

“The 45-day rule is really killing us,” said Perez.

In order for the prom to take place the club will have to do some fundraising but the 45-day approval has the club limited at what they can do.

The club is looking into some outside funding as the club cannot rely on donations.

“We can’t do anything right now!” said Murillo. “We don’t want to break the rules.”