Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Students can’t find parking

To simply survive the Fall 2011 semester campus parking at Pierce Community College,  students' who drive to school should posses two things; patience and...

Con: Math requirement

College students usually struggle to balance schoolwork, a job and a social life. Some of the classes we take throughout college will help us...

Quick! Help! Someone get us the Geek Squad!

Somebody call the Geek Squad. Pierce College is far from the forefront of technology. It's like the little red schoolhouse that tried but just couldn't. There are countless problems when it comes to using any high technology on this campus. In the past two months, several dramatic and important technological changes have occurred on campus and the Information Technology (IT) department has failed to meet the needs of these changes, causing big problems.

Faculty stats buck gender trends

While national surveys demonstate a continued discrepancy in the male to female gender ratio among college faculty, Pierce College is changing that trend. Thank you to an administration that has hired for the educational value of their instructors rather than for the traditional gender and ethnic stereotypes.

Food Review: Uncle Ernies

It’s a pizzeria that offers not only traditional options, but also a pastrami sandwich on a pizza. Yes, with mustard and everything. Don’t imagine an...

Back to our roots

The site that leads to NOWHERE

A pretty face isn't enough to cover up the lack of content of the Pierce College Web site.

Con: Why should we keep the cafeteria?

As a student here at Pierce College, I have questioned why the cafeteria is closed, but it didn’t matter much since I became accustomed...

Just give us a name

E-cigarettes have no place on campus

Students who smoke have been shunned at Pierce, yet a whole new wave of smoke has risen over the campus: water vapor. Cigarette smokers have...