Sunday, September 23, 2018

‘D√©j√† Vu’ translates to cheap clich√©

Denzel Washington hits the big screens once again in yet another performance that, although may highlight his aesthetic qualities, certainly proves that his range in character never seem to change. 'Déjà Vu" opened in theatres Nov. 22, just in time to confuse, bore and rip off the holiday crowds.

Mix of ‘Black Holes and Revelations’ worth the $$

If you're into an eclectic mix of drums, guitar, politics and piano then spending nearly twenty bucks on Muse's new album "Black Holes and Revelations," is worth every cent. Their sixth and possibly most bitter album yet is finally completed with lyrics such as "Corrupt, you're corrupt" and "You'll burn in hell," but you'd never notice it by all the appealing and melodic art taking your attention away from the resentful libretto.

Where’s the community at Pierce?

Pierce College needs to establish friendly community to unite its students and staff. That might have helped make the 2006 homecoming more successful than it was. "Getting more students to support our college athlete department is something worthwhile," Robert Garber, Pierce College president, commented on 2006 homecoming.

Faculty stats buck gender trends

While national surveys demonstate a continued discrepancy in the male to female gender ratio among college faculty, Pierce College is changing that trend. Thank you to an administration that has hired for the educational value of their instructors rather than for the traditional gender and ethnic stereotypes.

Administrative turnovers create a possible stability problem

When Darroch "Rocky" Young announced his impending retirement last week, it stunned many people in the L.A. Community College District who had looked to Rocky to end the revolving door of high-level administrators that have constantly kept the district, and this campus, in flux.

To Whom it May Concern:

I am a student at Pierce College and I also work in the Office of Academic Affairs. I picked up the recent copy of The Roundup and was shocked to see the description used by your writers in a description of Republican Peter Hankwitz.

Remember the day; Remember veterans

As we enter the month of turkeys, relatives and elections, it's easy to forget how much we take for granted. From our mouthfuls of gobbler, to our time spent with family and our freedom to choose our own representatives we forget what we have. We forget what so many gave their lives for and put themselves at risk to protect.

Don’t settle for others’ decisions this election day

1919: Women, too long forgotten, face alienation and oppression just to say, "I too, count." 1944: "The White Primary" laws, excluding Blacks from voting, are declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. 1965: People from all walks of life demand equality allowing everyone to have their say.

Just who’s peeking at your Space when you’re not looking?

MySpace is Everybody's Space. More than 60 million people use MySpace to promote their music, develop relationships and talk dirty with their friends from the privacy of their own homes. What they don't realize is that MySpace is really "Everybody's Space," including sexual predators searching for teens and employers spying into the personal lives of potential job candidates.

New play proves to be eye-catching

Because it was opening on a Friday night, Halloween weekend and after a long day of work, I was afraid it would be hard to try to grant the cast and crew of Pierce College's latest theater production, "The Elephant Man" my fullest attention and objectivity.