Thursday, November 15, 2018

Streetbeat: Robots

What role will robots play in our future? “They will probably do everything for us. We’ll be couch potatoes. They’ll cook, they’ll clean, they’ll bathe...

Pro: Gender Bias

Many students would like to believe that when it comes to gender bias on college campuses, they live in a more socially progressive time...

Pro: Teachers giving partial credit for late assignments

Teachers should allow students a grace period for all late work with a corresponding deduction, whether that be half-credit or a quarter of the...

Piracy shakes up record industry

Music artists today are getting stabbed in the back, this time not by faulty contracts, but by the fans that illegally download music as opposed to buying CDs. CD sales are down dramatically. According to the Recording Industry Association of America's Web site, downloading music for free causes $12.

Column: Change

The Pierce women’s basketball team hosted Oxnard College in its second home game of the season. Pierce guard Nichelae Henderson goes up for a...

Letter from the editor

I chop it up line by line. The high is unsurpassable. It's production day in the Roundup newsroom at Pierce College and we're into our twelfth hour. The rush of seeing our final product on newsstands keeps us going more than the 16.ozs of sugar we've downed with a side of coffee.

Panic at the Disco’s new album is odd

Usually, when a band puts together their sophomore album, the sound rarely changes to retain the loyalty of their fans. However, this is not the case with Panic At the Disco and their latest album, "Pretty.Odd". Panic's first album released in 2005, "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out", was laced with vaudeville inspirations and coupled with popular emo lyrics.

Streetbeat: Favorite Technology

What is your favorite use of technology? “I just bought a Switch, which is a game console, and I've been on it way too much....