Student film explains accreditation

A short film was created by the Pierce College Cinema Club to bring awareness to the campus community about the accreditation review the college is currently going through.

The film, which is 4 minutes and 21 seconds long, was created by Ben Pellin, Itai Forman, and Robert Hovanisian. The plot centers around a dean, who pretends to be very busy, worrying about the accreditation review when he starts receiving phone calls; he later runs away from his office and responsibilities.

The student filmmakers kept the tone of the production humorous.

“Our goal was to make people laugh, not only at the film but at themselves,” Hovanisian says.

He is now attending California State University, Northridge.

Mia Wood, faculty accreditation coordinator and associate professor of philosophy, sent a campus wide email including the film, to shine light on the production.

One of the reasons for doing this film was to make it a fun way to communicate this issue, Wood says.

Because the film was student produced, the video showcased students’ awareness about the accreditation review.

“[It lets] the rest of the college community know that students think that this is an important topic for us,” says Wood.

Pierce College is under accreditation review to make sure it has educational quality and effectiveness, according to the school’s accreditation website.

“It’s a quality seal of approval,” says Wood.

The film was originally intended to be the first of a seven series production.

“If the film evoked some kind of emotion from those who watched it-enough emotion to help them understand the message and take action-then I would be pleased,” says Hovanisian.

The film can be viewed at



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