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Celebrity hype killed ‘Bobby’

When I heard "Bobby" would be based on a legendary Kennedy brother, I was there, but on Thanksgiving Day no one else was! Unfortunately, Director Emilio Estevez interpretation of Robert F. Kennedy's life was slim to none. The title "Bobby," was not appropriate for the movie.

Mix of ‘Black Holes and Revelations’ worth the $$

If you're into an eclectic mix of drums, guitar, politics and piano then spending nearly twenty bucks on Muse's new album "Black Holes and Revelations," is worth every cent. Their sixth and possibly most bitter album yet is finally completed with lyrics such as "Corrupt, you're corrupt" and "You'll burn in hell," but you'd never notice it by all the appealing and melodic art taking your attention away from the resentful libretto.

‘D√©j√† Vu’ translates to cheap clich√©

Denzel Washington hits the big screens once again in yet another performance that, although may highlight his aesthetic qualities, certainly proves that his range in character never seem to change. 'Déjà Vu" opened in theatres Nov. 22, just in time to confuse, bore and rip off the holiday crowds.

New play proves to be eye-catching

Because it was opening on a Friday night, Halloween weekend and after a long day of work, I was afraid it would be hard to try to grant the cast and crew of Pierce College's latest theater production, "The Elephant Man" my fullest attention and objectivity.

Difranco latest work borders on failure

Soothing, relaxing, jazzy and mellow describes Ani Difranco's sound throughout her album "Reprieve." "Hypnotized" the opener does just what it says. The song lingers the listener in and makes them feel at ease. The smooth sound of her guitar allows you to drift into relaxation and takes you into another world.

Modern portrayal of queen loses audience

Most history books portray French monarch Marie Antoinette in a negitive light, emphasing her most famous words, "Let them eat cake," to her starving subjects. Academy Award-winning screenwriter and Oscar nominated director Sofia Coppola, however, takes Antoinette's struggles and delves deep into the very core of who Coppola refers to as "France's most misunderstood monarch.

Concert inspired by angels inspires

As the silence filled the auditorium, the vivid musical notes of the "City of Angels" gradually rose under the direction of Pierce Music Professor, Director Stephen P. Piazza. The Los Angeles Symphonic Winds hosted this event at the beginning of this month at the Performance Arts Building.

‘Jackass Number Two’ more asses for the masses

Johnny Knoxville does it again with the R-rated newest installment of the Jackass empire, "Jackass Number Two." Here is a little history lesson for those unfamiliar with Knoxville and his crew: "Jackass" was an MTV show that was the go anywhere, do anything series.

Come and Get it!! It’s time to Eat!!!

This is based on the Harvest Festival going on right now. I was only able to do a review on this food court because the other areas refused to let me have a sample for the review. I had a bit of trouble but I would gladly appreciate any comment to imrove my article and also for future reference. thank you.

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