Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Pierce College passing period

https://youtu.be/SSvYpZMSe1w Journalism 101 student Anthony Sanchez reports on passing period at Pierce College.

Backwards baseball

https://youtu.be/c9XRCOsu0dg Reporter Blake Williams reports on a game of backwards baseball for Halloween.

Pierce College PA System

https://youtu.be/4Y09Ef-c7-Y Reporter Chelsea Spero reports on a PA system for Pierce College.

What’s one thing you would change about Pierce College?

https://youtu.be/6UrJE1TkKvM Reporter Camille Lehmann asks students "What's one thing you would change about Pierce College?"

Street Beat: Should student athletes finish their college education before going pro?

https://youtu.be/xQnl8fM3IEw Reporter Karan Kapoor asks students "Should student athletes finish their college education before going pro?"

Street Beat: What is your biggest fear?

http://https://youtu.be/m4S-LGBA4Y8 Reporter Cameron Kern asks students "What is their biggest fear?"

Threat cleared, classes resume March 8

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8MRzEP8vlQ&feature=youtu.be Captain of LACCD Community College Bureau Rodrick Armalin and Pierce President Kathleen Burke give a press conference on a "credible threat" to the campus. The...

Behind the Scenes of Arabian Nights

Roundup staff photographer Titus Littlejohn takes us behind the scenes of Los Angeles Pierce College's Theater Department production of Arabian Nights.

A day for vegans

The Vegan Society of Pierce College organizes an event at the Great Hall to change the perception of who vegans are, what veganism is,...

Behind the scenes of “Pierce the Stillness”

Roundup reporter Sandy Luque takes us behind the scenes in the production of the Dance department's show "Pierce the Stillness" in this multimedia piece.