Thursday, April 18, 2019

Is wearing your Halloween mask on campus a safety issue?

With safety issues a concern and a topic of discussion on many campuses, Roundup staff reporter Jessica Vaughan ask the students of Pierce College...

A day at the College Fair

Pierce College held it's annual College Fair on Thursday, October 26, 2017, where colleges and universities came to give students information about transferring, programs,...

Pacific Dining at Pierce College

Roundup reporter, Sandy Luque asks students at Pierce college what their favorite meal is at the cafeteria, Pacific Dining. Video by Sandy Luque edited...

The Clothesline Project

The Pierce College Health Center and Strength United put on the "Clothesline Project" in The Mall on Oct 25, 2017. The project brings awareness...

An interview with Mario Macias

Staff reporter Christian Juarez interviews Mario Macias, librarian at the Library / Learning Crossroads, on his daily routine.

Know your rights, be prepared

Roundup staff reporter Taylor Thibodaux documents the Know Your Rights Clinic which seeks to help inform students their rights as immigrants and how to...

Street Beat: Who’s your celebrity crush?

In this Street Beat multimedia piece, Roundup reporter Natalie Miranda asks the students what their celebrity crushes are.  Video by Natalie Miranda and Laura Chen

Students debate California’s future​ Pierce College held Day of Politics on Thursday, Oct. 19. This gives students the opportunity to debate on issues going on with other students....

A vintage affair

Roundup reporter Manny Luissi gives us a peek into the thrifting world of the Topanga Vintage Market on the campus of Pierce College.

Breaking the ice with an Ice Cream Social

Roundup reporter Mickie Shaw documents the Peer-2-Peer group as they organize the Ice Cream Social on Thursday, Sept. 28. The Ice Cream Social was an...