Monday, April 22, 2019

Pierce’s Harvest Festival has something for everyone

This year Pierce is hosting the largest Halloween Harvest Festival in all of Southern California, now featuring an expanded six-acre corn maze. When you are...

Students fight back stress as finals week approaches

Students share their techniques in keeping stress away during finals week.

Cheating: more high tech than ever before

A fail. A zero. Suspension. Possible expulsion. An Academic Dishonesty Report on file. These are the possible disciplinary actions for cheating. The decision to cheat or not to cheat remains fully in the student's own hands. The consequences can be severe and may end up costing a lot in the long run.

Off the bench and stepping onto the stage

Trading his football gear for a microphone and captive audience, Rayquan Blizzard is on his way to becoming a stand-up comedian. Blizzard, a sophomore at...

Making English class sexy

"Make it sexy!" As one can tell, this isn't the average English class. It is exactly this eccentricity and energy that sets Professor David Gonzalez apart from other professors of English. "Personally, I'm whacky," said Gonzalez, who has been teaching at Pierce College for six years.

Communication is key

From British national debaters to Rate My Professor workshops, the Pierce College Communication Association offers students a myriad of ways to expand their horizons...

Happy trails with the hiking club

The modern day college experience is often described as a mix between exciting, nerve wracking, and fast-paced. Once the term begins, students must keep...

The hills are alive with the science of music

Class is about to begin, as the students take out their pencils, notepads, and calculators. The professor prepares to start his lecture, but before...

Award-winning artist refines skills at Pierce

There wasn’t a bare wall in her apartment; paintings of green landscapes, abstract shapes and portraits were hung all around, giving the beige rooms...