Friday, November 16, 2018

Q&A with the chancellor

Farm animals for the win

There’s a special connection between humans and animals. Chloe Colón loves to help animals every day and is following her dreams by working at...

Spring Festival hosts a variety of activities

The Associated Student Organization hosted a Spring Festival with an obstacle course, dunk tank and more at Pierce College’s Rocky Young Park. The event took...

Foster kids get a day of fun ‘n’ play

A petting zoo, Tai the elephant, rock climbing, carnival rides and even a pee-wee circus training tent filled the normally quiet Shepard Stadium Sunday with foster children and their mentors taking advantage of the overcast day to bond over a little bit of fun as part of the annual Day of the Child event.

EOPS helps end racial problems

Imagine a student at college. They already have problems, but now add to that the boundary of race. That's what a large group of...

A slave to the beat

Dance provides an intricate and elegant pathway across the stage. For dance major Chris de Piazza it has also provided a path for his...

Learning the basics of American Sign Language: it is all in the eyes

For most classes, 38 students would make plenty of noise. The group outside the Village classroom at Pierce College is extremely quiet—but their hands and...

I don’t care what you did last night

"I'm a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world," sang Richard McMillan, history professor, remembering an incident when a student's cell phone started ringing in the middle of the class. "I always try to make a laugh out of it," said McMillan. "The moment passes and then we can go on.

Leading the way for criminal justice majors

It's Wednesday evening at Pierce College and a crowd shuffles in.  Students coming to take Kathy Oborn's criminal justice class Wednesday night fill the auditorium-style classroom with talk and laughter as a bubbling energetic teacher walks in. 

Kathy Oborn, the chair of the political science/economics/criminal justice/Latino studies department, is a legend at Pierce College. 

The professor who built the criminal justice program caters to all of her students.  

Oborn made it possible to easily transfer to a California State University and earn an AA degree.  She was instrumental in bringing in a judge, a deputy district attorney and a retired police lieutenant to teach criminal justice classes.

"We're not a police program," she said.  "We focus on the justice system as a whole.  We're an academic track."

New chef spices up Country Café

The smoke is rising and something starts to sizzle. Smells of garlic and spices swarm through the air as the new Country Café chef Jose Cruz whips up fresh made-to-order food. During a time of uncertainty concerning the cafeteria's future, Cruz has come to rescue Pierce College with freshly prepared foods and innovative ideas for food service.